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You will be able to safely access your Chia farm from anywhere!

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Get notified the moment the pool goes live and pay no fees for the first 2 months when you join before June 30th.

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Remote Monitoring + Management

Our optional exclusive software will help take care of the plotting for you. Use the recommended settings for your PC or adjust them manually. Also, remotely monitor and manage your farm from anywhere in the world. Compatible with your phone, tablet or laptop.

  • Start/stop plotting
  • View total plots
  • Monitor remaining storage space
  • View CPU/RAM usage
  • Alerts
  • Truly Green!

    We are excited about this one. Over half of our profits will go towards causes that help the environment. By participating with us in this pool you show that it's not just about making money but making this world a better place. This is not just another pool. Join our pool today and plant trees with us.

    Trees planted so far: 50
    (via onetreeplanted.org)

    Dedicated and Experienced

    We have dedicated and experienced people on our team. We are working to build the best Chia pool out there. We have many ideas on how to benefit our group. Inluding a chia calculator, building guides, HDD price watcher, and more.

    Low fees

    Register today and enjoy 2 months of no fees.

    Green Acres uses the PPLNS system.

    Base fee: 1%
    Farm for 1 month: 0.75% fee
    Farm for 3 months: 0.50% fee

    Fee's help us cover costs and fund green charities to help make Chia truly green.


    We have nothing to hide, total pool size and transactions that are not private will be available for viewing.

    Getting Started

    First you'll need to set aside some hard drive space to store your plots. It will take 101 GB per plot. Check out this Chia calculator to see how much you will earn per TB of storage.

    Then download the Chia client. We recommend a minumum of 100 TB if you're not in a pool. That way you will be able to win Chia (XCH) in about a month.

    Official pooling FAQ (updated 5/23/2021)

    The new pool version of Chia has not yet been released. It should be released by the end of May. When it is released a new plot will be available allowing people to join pools. Your old plots will still be able to earn Chia (XCH). We recommend slowly switching to the new plots. For those who register to this pool will be notified as soon as the pool becomes publicly available. Our exclusive software is completely optional and is only designed to improve your experiece.